Meridian Tile is a family owned swimming pool tile manufacturer and distributor based in Phoenix, AZ.  We specialize in unique products. Our 38,000 square foot factory holds a variety of ceramics production equipment including screen printers, clay presses, extruders, and a waterjet. Our on-site glaze lab formulates and tests glazes and colors for our products. Our team not only includes production specialists, but graphic artists, sculptors, mold makers and more. All of this adds up to the most unique and innovative products in the industry. 

 Products include  custom waterline tile, unique deco tiles, depth markers, pool mosaics, water features.  We distribute these manufactured products nationally

In Arizona, we distribute our own products as well as Fujiwa Tile, Alttoglass Tile, Aquabella Tile, Hide skimmer covers, Pacific Clay pool copings and  Kronos porcelain pavers. We work with both pool builders and homeowners. Our local website is

Custom Tile
Mosaics & Decos
Bar Stool Tops
Have you been looking for just the right pool tile and can't find it? Do you want Spanish or Mexican style? Ultra Modern? Mid Century Modern? Black polka dots? Green diamonds? Greek Key? Can't get a pattern out of your head? No matter what you are looking for, we can make it. And at a more reasonable price than you may think.  More info....
We create a wide variety of porcelain mosics and decorative tiles. Mosaics include Turtles, Dolphins, fish, starfish and many others. Decos can be pressed or screen printed and add a special look to your pool. More info...
Our modular Bar Stool tops add a finishing touch to your in pool stools. Pressed from porcelain and glazed, they are beautiful and long lasting. They are offered in a variety of colors and decorative inserts. We can also print any logo on them. More info...
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Pool Tile FAQ's
Why do I have to use a "Pool Tile" in my pool?
​The swimming pool enviroment is a very harsh enviroment for tile, corrosive chemicals, temperature swings, constant submersion in water require a higher grade of tile and specific glazing compounds. All of our tile is designed for and  extensively tested in this enviroment. 

I was told that because it doesn't freeze at my house I don't need porcelain tile?
Freeze thaw resistance is not the only problem with using a ceramic based tile in a pool. Just the face that the tile is in water and constantly soaking up water causes the tile to deteriorate. We have seen ceramic tile have to be replace in as few as 6 months. 

Do I need step markers?
Step markers are used to indicate the edges of steps, swim outs and benches. They are also a safety feature as they help to highlight the depth of the water to bathers when entering or leaving the pool. It is up to you whether you use them or not. Please click here for more step marking ideas.
Are matching step markers available?
All patterned borders can be supplied with matching tiles for step markers.
Can I use tiles on a feature wall?
Tiles are ideal for use on feature walls. We also offer many deco's and accent pieces for raised walls. See them here...
Are the tiles suitable for use in salt pools?
Yes, all our tiles are suitable for use in salt pools as well as conventional chlorine, ozone, ionizers etc.
What is the height of a waterline tile band?
Standard is 6"
How do I calculate how many tiles I will need?
Normally your pool builder will advise how many tiles you need to order. Alternatively, we will help you with your calculations.
What about delivery?
We can deliver nearly anywhere. We ship using USPS, FedEx and many Freight companies,

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