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Meridian Tile is a family owned tile manufacturer and distributor. Although we specialize in swimming pool and outdoor tile, all of our products can also be used in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere you want to make a statement. All of the products we manufacture are distributed both locally and nationally to the consumer and wholesale markets.  In addition, we offer Fujiwa Tile, AlttoGlass, Kronos USA, Pacific Clay Products as well as other outdoor building products to the local Arizona market. 

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We carry both porcelain and glass waterline tile in our Arizona warehouse. We carry standard as well as many upgraded tiles.

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Glazed Thin Brick is one of the hottest trends today. We kiln fire our proprietary ceramic glazes on brick creating a modern, yet semi-rustic look. 

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Our porcelain signage will last for decades and look amazing the entire time. Our products are frost-proof and Fade-proof, the best part is that grafitti washes right off. 

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Space age technology meets swimming pool tile and the results are spectacular! This metallic coating come to life and is absolutely brilliant in any light. 

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Our Deco tiles are the perfect addition to your swimming pool. Replacing a few of your standard waterline tiles with either pressed or printed decos gives a upscale look without the upscale price. 

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Our Murals are perfect indoors or out. These designs are hand glazed to create individual works of art. 

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Think all pool tile looks the same? Think again! Our Luxe Tile line includes both custom and semi custom tile. We take your ideas and bring them to life while staying within your budget!

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Personalize your pool with mosaics! Whether you like dolphins, turtles, starfish or ??, we can help you create your dream pool. 

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We are one of the largest depth marker manufacturers in the US. We have over 700 SKU's and carry nearly 50,000 m,arkers in stock. We also offer custom markers and colors.